Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sophie Calle Space

In bed with Sophie Calle: The artist's parody of Brigitte Bardot in 'Days lived under the Sign of B, C and W'

 -Page 118 The Practice of Everyday Life by Michel DeCerteau

First official Sophie Calle's work of art:
In 1979, Sophie Calle asked several (23) persons, friends, strangers, neighbors, to come and spend eight hours in her bed in order to keep this bed occupied twenty-four hours a day. These people had to accept to be photographied and to answer some questions. She took photographs of the sleepers and noted the important elements of these short meetings: subjects of discussion, positions of the sleepers, their movements during their sleep, the detailed menu of their breakfast she was preparing for them... The whole set of these series of photographs (23) was exhibited at the XIth Biennale de Paris in 1980, fiirst Sophie Calle's show who then decided to "become an artist."

A conversation about "self-burial" between artist Sophie Calle and a man without identity. In this video the two artists meet for the first time, to discuss an artistic idea which they have discovered that they share: arranging and attending your own funeral.

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