Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Johnny Cash via Media

Just a singer with a guitar, but seen so differently over the decades by evolving media standards and entertainment industry protocols.


A 23 year old Johnny Cash performing "I Walk the Line" live at The Tex Ritter Show. (1957). Barn-dance-country-fried-Saturday-night-dude-ranch-ass-kicking deadly.

This is from the Johnny Cash show. (February 17, 1971). TV-hairspray-slick helps the cutting, cunning, brave, proud and free political message come out of nowhere.

"The Beast In Me" is a song written and originally recorded by Cash's former stepson-in-law Nick Lowe. BBC (July 9, 1994). Plenty of near-invisible artifice. Still, classy and powerful.

Johnny Cash's last public performance, "Understand Your Man". (Hiltons, VA, July 15, 2003).  Raw home video adds to the discomfort level. You feel his pain.