Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Phases of the Image... New Media Projects

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 3:00-5:30 PM
Warch Campus Center Cinema

New media projects by 11 ART 340/540 students responding to Jean Baudrillard’s ideas from his seminal book Simulations:
Malcolm E. Lunn-Craft   Body Positivity
This collection of photos showcase several Lawrentians displaying principals of body positivity and loving who they are. This showcase is meant to help start discussions and alleviate any stigmas around body image at Lawrence University.

Willa Johnson   Girl Code: Constructions of Femininity and Fame
An exploration and dissection of womanhood, public image and media through pixellation, distortion and compression of celebrity women.
Patrick O’Mahoney - Simulations - A Jean Baudrillard Inspired Photo Album
My photo book will emulate Baudrillard’s general concept of simulation through the medium of photography; Each photo will have a quote taken out of the direct context of the book and into that of the respective photo with the intent of adding another dimension of simulation. 

Sara Morrison  Word Art
An installation across different parts of campus that brings words into real, three dimensional space with the goal of challenging viewers to see words as more than representational, and to appreciate them for more than just their meanings.

Ariel Garcia   "Retail Hell"
A blog designed to be a cesspool of all things retail employee related to the simulacra of the retail persona that one must embrace in order to make sure the customer is always right. 

Luis Gonzalez Sleep Cycle
A video and soundscape trying to recreate occurring dreams I have had.

Finn Bjornerud   Derealisation: Going through the Motions
A compilation of videos representing the end of a term at a University of ambiguous origins. If done right, the work should give the sense that our protagonist's sense of chronology is fluid, and that they are losing their grasp on their perceptions of their simple existence.

Aj Williams   Cultivation
For my project, I chose to focus on the cyclicity of discovery; the growth and decay of progress. Using the media of sound, Prelinger footage, and meditative thought, I present a transient accumulation- a cultivation.

Michael S. Hubbard   Short films/music videos PhotoPolar, Polychromorphosis, & more?
Be treated to two short films - an experimental horror/comedy and a found-footage music video featuring scenes from the silent film "Metropolis" and music by Noah "N.G." Gunther - and possibly two other short videos - one an account of visiting artist Tony Orrico's performance piece and the reception to the gallery featuring his work and the other an unfinished cut of another experimental horror film.
First to be shown is "Polychromorphosis," a more gaudy, more vibrant interpretation of a select sequence in the science-fiction classic "Metropolis" and boasting an experimental rock score by fellow artist Noah "N.G." Gunther meant to reflect the more pulpy, over-saturated tone of the short.
Second will be "PhotoPolar,"a strange and self-aware spin on the horror/comedy genre featuring the improv talents of Ridley Tankersley and Kip Hathaway. It will be qualitatively inconsistent, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.

molly b hopkins  the made-up truth
a series of photographs intimately detailing the facial features of 4 people in all of their made-up perfection.

Laura Udelson   squiggle
squiggle is an installation that challenges the viewer's immediate perception about movement and simple geometric forms.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Paul McCarthy

Artist Paul McCarthy with J. Shimon after McCarthy's lecture at
The Art Institute of Chicago, May 2012. Photographed by J. Lindemann

A person definitely gets over meeting famous artists after being hired to photograph them by the dozens. There was one remaining exception, a single artist who seemed to rise above, Paul McCarthy. Our friend John McKinnon organized a talk at the Art Institute of Chicago in May 2012, and somehow intuitively knew we needed to connect. It was a rather conventional artist's talk, focused on more obscure works and maybe with a thicker than normal air of discomfort with the action of speaking about oneself. A handful of people came on stage to get various things signed, rather quickly leaving Paul standing alone. I approached him, we started out laughing, had a short, abstract conversation about holes/passages, barriers/containment, voids/hollowness, and began weeping. Julie immediately intervened and asked him why he quit teaching. "Didn't want to become one of those" was his reply. Yea, that is an issue isn't it. A contemporary art member/MBA/golfer type then whisked Mr. McCarthy away to the special VIP fundraiser dinner. Such is the life of a visionary artist.