Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rock My Religion

Dan Graham!

Dan Graham
Figurative, 1965, Offset printed periodical
13 x 19 ½ inches [framed]
Edition of unknown size
Published within Harper’s Bazaar (March 1968)
Collection Specific Object / David Platzker, New York

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"This knowledge is not known. In practices, it has a status analogous to that granted fables and myths as the expression of kinds of knowledge that do not know themselves. In both cases it 
is a knowledge that subjects do not reflect. They bear witness to it without being able to appropriate it. They are in the end the renters and not the owners of their own know-how. Concerning them it occurs to no one to ask whether there is knowledge; it is assumed that there must be, but that it is known only by people other than its bearers. Like that of poets and painters, the know-how of daily practices is supposed to be known only by the interpreter who illuminates it in his discursive mirror though he does not possess it either. It thus belongs to no one. It passes from the unconsciousness of its practitioners to the reflection of non- practitioners without involving any individual subject. It is an anonymous and referential knowledge, a condition of the possibility of technical or scientific practices."
-The Practice of Everyday Life by Michel De Certeau

Novartis Campus, Associates in front of Dan Graham’s “Curve and Straight Line”; Basel, Switzerland

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