Sunday, November 20, 2011

Experimental Videos Screening

(or why go to an art museum to watch TV?)

Lawrence University Warch Campus Center Cinema
Sunday, November 20, 2011, 6:30-9:00 PM

ART 240 Digital Processes students will screen their 1-minute experimental videos. Each will introduce their video before and take questions after from the audience about their content, meaning and artistic process. Pop corn and slushies! All are welcome!

6:30 - WELCOME - J. Shimon & J. Lindemann

6:40 - Zhan Guo "Dizzy" about tbeing overwhelmed by books and escaping into the world of nature

6:50 - Natalie Fordwor "The Simple Joys" about the joyful moments of life

7:00 - Briana Harter "From Yourself" about not letting anyone hold you back from expressing your individuality and passion

7:10 - Jessica Meissmer "Take a Moment" about taking the time to relax

7:20 - Aisha Eiger "Self-Portrait in Charcoal" about exploring video through exploring self

7:30 - Deborah Levinson "The Descent" is a humorous take on the impact of desire (It could also be about bestiality)

7:40 - BREAK

7:50 - Christine Seeley "The Meat Department" about the grocery store meat department in relation
to excessive production, overeating, and consumerism in America

8:00 - Chelsea Lee "Skin" about beauty and emotion, and how we express them

8:10 - Geneva Wrona "Stranger and Stranger Strangers" about the surreality of the process of knowing people

8:20 - Rachele Krivichi "The Fight" about the decreasing ability to communicate directly with another in the digital age

8:30 - Sara Sheldon-Rosson "I Want to Line The Pieces Up" an exploration of the human condition and the curiosity and fear of death


9:00 -  FINI

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