Monday, November 21, 2011

Avant Garde and Experimental Video?

George Kuchar
The "tradition" of experimental and avant garde film is described on Wikipedia as being "opposed to the practices of mainstream of commercial and documentary film making." Can home made video continue this tradition? In case of the work of George Kuchar (b. August 31, 1942 - d. September 6, 2011), his film making was about sheer joy--and maybe this is exactly what most people are trying to do within the typical YouTube video "genre." Kuchar's 1977 10 minute film, "I An Actress" shot on one length of 16 mm film under pressure--at once reveals the aspirations of an actress and the directorial techniques of the young Professor Kuchar. Kuchar's cinematic vision is one based on pop culture, specifically comic books that reflect his idiosyncratic sense of humor.

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