Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We Buy It Because It's There (and cute)

Whence the characteristic hysteria of our time: the hysteria of production and reproduction of the real. The other production that of goods and commodities that of la belle epoque of political economy no longer makes any sense of its own and has not for some time. What society seeks through production and overproduction is the restoration of the real which escapes it. That is why contemporary "material" production is itself hyperreal. It retains all the features the whole discourse of traditional production but it is nothing more than its scaled down refraction (thus the hyperrealists fasten in a striking resemblance a real from which has fled all meaning and charm all the profundity and energy of representation). Thus the hyperrealism of simulation is expressed everywhere by the real's striking resemblance to itself.                     
-Simulations   Jean Boudrillard   pg 44-45

The original Mini underwent numerous changes of name and engine, and detail upgrades were made to its exterior design. Different body styles were created too, but its fundamental character and layout were unchanged and it was the “standard” two-door model that had the most timeless appeal: the final model that rolled off the production line in 2000 didn’t look that different to the original 1959 car.
Today's Mini simulates the original...

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