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Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 3:00-5:30 PM
Warch Campus Center Cinema
New media projects by 11 ART 240 Digital Processes students responding to Marshall McLuhan’s ideas of the global village from his seminal book The Medium is the Massage. Writes McLuhan, “Ours is a brand-new world of allatonceness. “Time” has ceased, “Space” has vanished. We now live in a global village…a simultaneous happening…we have had to shift our stress of attention from action to reaction.” 

Chloe Stella   Dentro Di Me (Within Me)
A short stop-motion video exploring the anxiety that stems from feeling constricted by one’s physical existence. 

Molly Froman   Blind 
This video explores the relationship of the still and moving image. By layering still images I have created not only a video but also a new still image which only gradually changes over time. It aims push the limits of subtle change and what it might mean to the viewer.
Patrick O’Mahoney   A Day in the Frame
My final project will be a series of photographs set to music. I will encapsulate the daily activities of a Lawrentian using still images in attempt to tell a moving narrative.

Malcolm Lunn-Craft   STILL RUNWAY SHOW
In this project, i will be using photography to help exemplify beauty in the form of a modeling photo shoot. The models will come dressed in what they idea of beautiful is, and strike poses that make them feel beautiful. This project is meant to show beauty and diversity and how we all are unique in the same community. 

Sara Morrison   Selfie-Portrait
A photography book which presents selfies as legitimate works of self-portraiture in order to explore the link between the two and why we consider one to be art and the other to be frivolous and self-absorbed.
Alison Smith    Appear Offline
A series of photographs exploring the interpersonal interactions between players in gaming.

Colt Duncan    Censored 
A series of photos mocking censorship and all the people that try to hinder anyone’s voice or artistic vision by using censorship. “Art is anything you can get away with” – Marshall Mcluhan, and although I agree, I think you should be able to get away with all art. 

Alicia Lex   Life Bling
A magazine containing 'life bling' found in Appleton, WI. But, do these blings solely belong to Appleton? To imagine what the artist captures as bling, an abstract video will show you through the eyes of the artist.
Mark Lofgren   Amateurism in Modern Film
I believe that in modern Hollywood we have lost this aesthetic of amateurism that early 20th century film once possessed. I seek to return modern films to the amateur.

Luis Gonzalez  Hitana    
A music video that follows a couple walking around at night and has clips of The Goat Wizard playing live hoping to capture the vibe of the song that is in very odd meter.

Pat Commins   "The Pat Show"
In hosting my own talk show with a simultaneous video and performance interaction, I examine the roles that space, identity, and the audience play into creating a piece, and the impact of amateur versus the professional aesthetic.

Anna Kosmach   In the Eye of the Beholder
This video project explores the ways in which culture influences how women perceive who and what is beautiful, and what types of women qualify. I asked women I knew to describe who they thought was an icon for beauty that they look up to, and talk about why that woman is beautiful in their eyes.

Liam Guinan   The Village of Appleton
A video exploring Appleton's "village centers" such as stores, bars, hotels etc. and the cultural rituals performed there. It's purpose is to present Appleton as a "modern village" as McLuhan described in The Message is the Massage.

Molly Hopkins   je ne sais quoi.
This video attempts to show that human beauty comes from the little things that we all do.

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