Monday, June 1, 2015

I'm a Believer NEW MEDIA WORK I'm a Believer I'm a Believer I'm a Believer

Monday, June 8, 2015 - 3:00-5:30 PM
Warch Campus Center Cinema

New media projects by 10 ART 340/540 students responding to Michel de Certeau’s ideas of "Ways of Believing" from his seminal book The Practice of Everyday Life:

For a long time people assumed that the reserves of belief were limitless. All one had to do was to create islands of rationality in the ocean of credulity, isolate and secure the fragile conquests made by critical thinking. The rest, considered inexhaustible, was supposed to be transportable toward other objects and other ends, just as waterfalls are harnessed by hydroelectric plants.
page 179

Lucy Bouman   What do you believe in?
A video project exploring what immediately comes to peoples' minds when asked what they believe in, including footage from interviews in the studio as well as from the outside world.

Rachel Wilke  The Lawrence Confessional
Bringing up hook-up culture at Lawrence University is known to be taboo. In this short video, students confess a personal hook-up story in order to break the stigma that hooking-up on campus is wrong and should be kept secret. However, there is a twist in the end. 

Steven Alexander & Htee T. Moo   “Elements”
A series of photographs and videos that explore four of the astrological elements as we interpret them.

Hannah Ganzel   Frenzy
These two videos, "feeding the masses" and "cleaning up after the masses", displays both the unending consumption of food and disposal of shit. It also displays the position of the people who work as cogs in the machine.

Olivia Rowe   #Meninism
A documentary-style film that combines the efforts of a fictionalized "meninist" with real interviews and social media posts about the feminist and meninist movements. The film aims to highlight misunderstandings and generate discussion about both causes. 
Michael Hubbarb   Memory Split
Ben Meunier returns in another starring role as a confounded young man haunted by flashes of distant memories and lurching anger as he wanders off through a dense, grassy field into unfamiliar territory.
Ridley Tankersley   June 1st, 2015
A short collection of clips from a 15-hour digital video cataloging the entirety of my day with its routines and irregularities. This video examines life through amateur videography and positions its place in the art world.

Finn Bjornerud   "This is Lawrence: Leisure"
A short video project that uses montage to blur the lines between reality and fiction concerning the activities of Lawrence students in their spare time. The kids are rowdier than you think. 

Noah Gunther   Learn to Skate
Learn to feel again in the age of manipulation and mirrors. What did you eat so far today? Imagine it's all on a plate in front of you but half-digested, like it is in your stomach. Now imagine that you're being digested. Climb up the stomach walls. Free yourself! Free yourself with Learn to Skate!

Molly Froman

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