Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Divine Irreference of Images

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland,
Anaheim, California, Christmas 2007 by Mouse Planet
"This deep-frozen infantile world happens to have been conceived and
realized by a man who is himself now cryogenised, Walt Disney,
who awaits his resurrection at minus 180 degrees centigrade."
© 1983 Jean Baudrillard, Simulations (p. 24)
"Disneyland is a perfect model of all the entangled orders of simluation...what draws the crowds is undoubtedly much more the social microcosm, the miniaturised and religious revelling in real America..." © 1983 Jean Baudrillard, Simulations  (p. 23)
An inkjet print project funded by the Lawrence University Department of Art & Art History Dyrud and Stark Funds enabled Digital Processes students to experience the work flow of producing Epson inkjet prints. By first developing a concept, then making work prints before editing and enlarging images to 17x22", students explored both Jean Baudrillard's writings on "the edifice of representation as a simulacrum" through their images and the making of photo quality inkjet prints.  Large scale prints of the strongest image on this theme by each of 13 students will be on display in the Wriston Atrium windows May 2013 to May 2014.

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