Sunday, March 6, 2011

Digital Projects Show Case

Friday, March 11, 2011, 3-6:30 pm
Warch Campus Center Cinema
Lawrence University
Fruit Slushies & popcorn! Everyone Welcome!


Tom Coben: 
Into the Caves:
Protecting the Bats of the Philippines (video, 18 min.)
Delicious to some
The bat population falls
What is the answer? 

Kate Duncan-Welke: 
Song of the Sea (soundscape, 4 min.)
Calm whales amid blue seas
Silence then a flowing song
Music from nature 

Kanesha Walker & Jinglei Xiao:  
Systematic Destruction (video, 5 min.)
Strikes our nation making it
Better? No. Far worse. 

Cait Genovese
Words Cannot Explain (video, 6 min.) 
Birds floating in air
traveling down a foggy road
abstract remembrance

Jordan Severson:  
An Exquisite Cycle (book, video, 9 min.)
Video and sound
Conceptions of life and death

George Ziegler:  
Quest for the Apple Part II: 
The Ultimate Quest (video, 13 min.)
Look what I found here
I lost something I once knew
I need the apple 

Hillary Rogers:  I Don't Get It (book)
Peek at glory past.
If only marble mouths could
move, what would they say? 

Zenabu Abubakari:
All Displayed (book and calendar)
Visually displayed 
A global dialect is formed

Anam Shahid:  Distortion of Reality: 
Pakistan in America (book)
We are who we are,
No matter how far away
We go beyond home

Krissy Rhyme:  

Portraits of People I Wish I Could Be (book)
Ah navel gazing
Like the art of karate
It must be mastered

Maki Miura
Earthlings (portfolio)
In little A-town
Hatch that bubble; discover
the diversity

Ali Scattergood:  
Sheer Presence - Relocated (portfolio)
Sheer Fabric Flows on
Energy moves within us
like a tree grows tall

Jake Cihla:
Record of Rose Creek Dairy (portfolio)
I cannot describe
The joy of finding a place
In graceful decay

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