Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall Term 2010 Video Showcase

 Digital Processes and Independent Study students presented their projects in Lawrence University's Warch Campus Center Cinema, Tuesday, November 23, 3-5:30 pm:

Tom Coben (IS): Cave Bat Chronicle – A documentary video on the threats facing Phillippine cave bats. (5 mins).
Lawton Hall (IS): Song for Last Autumn – Reflection on the passing of time, the ending of things, the closing of a chapter, etc. using squares, leaves, sandpaper, cassette tape and primary colors (6 mins).
Emily Owens: Video Diary - Whispered inner thoughts and skin.
Maki Miura: GARBEAT - By combining the simple beats improvised on the spot using the found objects around them, the people in this video create a complex rhythm. 
Caitlyn Genovese: Mastication - An exploration of the disturbing and disgusting aspects of eating alluding to the intertwined  idea of love and eroticism 
Kanesha Walker: Back to Natural - A video addressing the issues African-American women encompass with their hair choices.
Evan Tracy: Untitled - A woman, played by Rachelle Krivichi, experiences a bleak anxiety-filled reality and a distanced sense of self.
Jinglei Xiao: A Schizophrenic Man - An experimental video explores what happens when a  schizophrenic man gets super powers and fights evil after taking PCP.
Kate Duncan-Welke: BP Oil Spill Deepwater Horizon Disaster - Video mashup creating a feeling of urgency as the impact of the April 20, 2010 spill continues despite minimal news coverage.
Byte Phichaphop: Mr. Dot - Interactions between objects in the 2nd and 3rd dimensions accessed through a strange hole that opens Mr. Dot's eyes to a new world.
Anam Shahid: Nature versus Technology - A video about society's reliance on technology and how it distracts from the tangible tranquility of nature. 
Kevin Mason: Technology and Identity - An examination of how technology alters our sense of self by enabling us to  create alternate identities or extensions of ourselves existing in a non physical plane.
Alaina Albaugh:Future of our Fears - Digital painting projection about a frightening world in which technology, not us, possesses the power.
Hillary Rogers: Portraiture and Propaganda - Ancient portraits recreated with contemporary people and symbolic props reduced to irrelevant substitutes.
Marvana Avery-Cash: Behind the Scenes - A photographic memoir of a play production.

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